Four Phases of Kids Furniture

The Four Phases Of Childhood Furniture

For parents who are looking for furniture for their children, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, because children are constantly developing and growing, children’s furniture should be purchased with this understanding that they will often need several different furniture sets over the years. In general, there are four stages of furniture for children until they reach adulthood.

The Primary Stage– This is the first stage of childhood furniture for infants. This stage of furniture only lasts for most children until they reach the early toddler phase. These kids furniture at Incy Interiors pieces usually include a bassinette, changing table, dresser and a rocking chair. While this is a brief phase for a family, it is an important one for the child. Infants need to feel they have a defined small space to feel comfortable. That is why a bassinette is the best sleeping arrangement of choice for infants because it is small.

The Second Stage– This phase of furniture starts with replacing out the bassinette with a crib. In addition, a playpen is usually purchased at this time. The crib allows for extra safeguards so the child does not leave their bed and become at risk for injury. The playpen is also an important safe place for a child to play without the worry that the child will become injured. This phase covers late infancy and early toddler years.

The Third Stage– this phase is the creation of a child’s room. The crib, rocking chair and changing table are removed from the room because they are no longer needed. The older furniture pieces are usually replaced with a child size single bed, a child sized table and chairs and possibly a childhood easel. This change usually occurs when a child reaches the age of three. The little table and chairs should be child sized and is perfect to allow children to sit and color, read a book, play tea or play house. The easel is a wonderful addition to a young child’s room because it allows them free expression to paint, draw, on the pages set in an easel. It can also be very helpful to help a child learn to read if the parent uses the easel for alphabet teaching. As the child passes into elementary school the use of a child sized desk can also be added. This can be vitally important as a safe private space for them to do their homework.

The Fourth Stage– This is the last room of furnishings a child needs until they become an adult. This phase usually starts in middle school. The kids furniture at in this phase consists of an adult sized single bed and a bigger dresser and full-size desk. A full-sized dresser should replace the childhood dresser. As a child grows so does the size of their clothes so the childhood dresser is no longer be sufficient for storage of their clothes. The full-size desk is usually a computer desk and should be sufficient for their use from middle school on through high school and early college. A bookshelf can be an important addition as well so that they may keep important reference and reading materials for their higher education level needs.

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