Common Kids Beds Types

Common Types of Kids Beds You Should Know

If you are searching for a bed for your child, you must have come across different sizes, themes, and types of kids’ beds. How do you select the right bed? Kids’ beds have to be safe enough for use and allow easy child climbing. They should also offer kids a sense of comfort and have adequate space for storing children’s stuff like books, toys, clothes, etc. It’s not always easy for most parents to make separate plans for storage, so it’s wise to get a bed that not only offers comfort but also provides enough space for storage. The types of beds this article enlists can be considered by any parent who is searching for kids beds that offer factors like appearance and functionality. Some of the common varieties you will find in the market include:

Toddler beds

A toddler bed is low in height. A short height makes it easy for kids to climb onto the bed. Kids beds at incy Interiors are designed for toddlers and often have rounded edges to help prevent different kinds of injuries. What’s more, the coats applied to these beds are scratch proof.

Car bed

Car beds come in the shape of a car. Such beds are suitable for kids rooms and children like them because they are amazing and are a bit different compared to the regular stuff. Car beds come in different sizes and shapes to suit your child’s needs.

Banjo bed - single
High sleepers

A high sleeper bed is ideal for any parent who wants to save as much space as possible. Drawers, computer desk, and sitting areas fit in the space that’s below these beds. Additionally, you get to choose different shapes, configurations, and colors in this kind of kids furniture. You can choose to decorate the bed in various ways.

Bunk beds

Typically, bunk beds (loft beds) are meant for children and help save a lot of floor space. In the structure, one or more frames are incorporated vertically. Pillars are used to support the bed, and a ladder is included to help a child climb to the upper bed frame without difficulty.

Sleigh beds

These kinds of kids beds have headboards and foot which are curved or scrolled. This gives the beds a grand, royal appearance, and that’s why sleigh beds are known for having elegant designs. Although these beds are designed to be attractive, they can incorporate features such as trundle beds and drawers in their designs. Kids beds from are ideal in saving space.

Platform beds

This kind of bed is useful for rooms with less space. Platform beds are versatile and can incorporate trundle beds and drawers in the space beneath. All the above types of beds should give you an idea about the different varieties of kids beds available in the market. The bed type you pick will depend on your kid’s preference and the bedroom design and space. Ensure you contact Incy Interiors to get the best deals for kids beds.

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